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Kaifeng Embroidery


Class: Antiques


The embroidery of Kaifeng, an ancient city once called Bianliang, originated over 1,700 years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period and flourished in the Northern Song Dynasty when an institution named Wenxiuyuan was established to make embroidered clothes and other ornaments for emperors, royal family members and the high officials. Rich in color with exquisite stitches, a piece of embroidery work needed many different styles of stitches and threads with hundreds of colors or more. The handicraft of such work is so refined that sometimes a single thread is to be divided into scores of branches, which impressed people with its perfection. The masterpieces of Bianxiu are Qingming Shanghe Tu (the Picture of Marketing in Qingming Festival) and Bai Jun Tu (the Picture of Hundred Horses), etc.


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