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Ruyang Plum Blossom Jade


Class: Antiques


Meihuayu (the Plum Blossom Jade) gets its name for the colorful patterns like plum blossoms. It is also named Ruyu (the Jade of Ruyang) since it was found in the Shangdian Town of Ruyang County, Henan Province, where the Yangshao Cultural Heritages lie.

As recorded, Liu Xiu, the Guangwu Emperor of the Han Dynasty, bestowed the jade with the name of “National Treasure”. With a fine texture, the Meihuayu looks like shining crystal with dark shade of vivid plum blossoms embedded in. The body-building balls, bracelets, tea-sets, wine-sets, stationeries and other handicrafts made by Meihuayu are glorious, stately and delicate, thus bringing Meihuayu the laurel of “Jade of the East”.


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