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Heluo Fancy Stones


Class: Antiques


    Heluo Fancy Stones are productions of the Yellow River, the Luohe River, the Yihe River and the Ruhe River. Most of the stones favored by stone collectors of Luoyang are from the Yihe River and the Luohe River, usually bearing a rigidity above 7 degrees. Heluo Fancy Stones are much adored for their great variety of thought-evoking shapes, attractive colors and delicate quality.
    Luoyang , an ancient capital of nine dynasties, is a rich deposit of cultures. The Heluo Fancy Stones here with natural patterns categorized by images, abstracts and designs fall wonderfully in line with the taste of traditional Chinese art which appreciates the integration of human and the Nature. There have been countless stories about those rare fancy stones and collectors of all dynasties. At present, Luoyang has got stone fans as many as several thousand and more than 10 stone museums of considerable size, which composes a new chapter of the Stone-collecting History of Luoyang.
Address of producer: Potou Town of Jiyuan City


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