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Grass Intertextures


Class: Antiques


    Grass intertextures are generally made of millet straw, wheat straw and palm fiber. As a traditional folk art, it varies from one ethnic group to another in characteristics, shapes, patterns, colors and categories.
    In recent years, the development of tourism and a growing demand of the market have promoted the booming art crafts greatly as hundreds of dazing new categories and patterns covering curtains, cushions, baskets, Chinese fans, mats, toys and many others appeared. Popular patterns of strong national and folk taste, such as butterflies, camellia, tri-pagoda, lakes, mountains and various birds and animals, have added great beauty to those economical yet practical grass intertextures, making them much adored by not only domestic people of all nationalities but also those overseas in America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
    Address of producer: Ningling County of Shangqiu City


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