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Yellow River Pottery of Hebi


Class: Antiques


     As a perfect combination of sculpture and painting, Yellow River pottery purely handmade in Hebi is much beloved by both Chinese and foreigners for its exquisite quality, clear texture, mild tonality and primitive character.
     As one of the appointed producer of tourism commodities, Hebi Gufeng Pottery Artwork Factory is always the winner of glorious rewards. The Nine-dragon Vase of Embossment with a height of 2.4 meters was sent to the Chinese embassy in Germany as a gift from the Henan Provincial Government. CCTV, the most influential TV station in China, made a documentation titled The Yellow River Pottery of Extraordinary Splendor that was broadcast in many programs involving The voice of homeland, A Glimpse of China, Cultural Overview, etc., arousing a positive and intensive feedback inside and outside China. The September of 2005 witnessed the gold prize awarded to Yellow River pottery in the Exhibition of Central China Culture collector's, an important component of the campaign named “The Culture of Central China in Shanghai”. One month later, Hebi Gufeng Pottery Artwork Factory became the first pottery supplier in Henan to offer pottery artworks to the Capital Museum. Their 320 items including copied culture relics received warm commends from the Capital Museum and others. In February of 2006, the Yellow River pottery won its position in the list of the provincial well-known cultural products approved by the provincial Culture Department.
Producer: Hebi Gufeng Pottery Artwork Factory


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