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Yellow River Pottery of Hebi
     As a perfect combination of sculpture and painting, Yellow River pottery purely handmade in Hebi is much beloved by both Chinese and foreigners for its exquisite quality, clear texture, mild tonality and primitive character. &nbs...
Root carving
Root carving refers to sculptures of figures, animals with roots of trees or bamboos as raw materials. It is also called “the root art” or “the root sculpture”. Root carving is based on the natural shape, quality, texture and luster of the bark, bran...
Wheat straw pictures
    Originated in the Sui Dynasty, as treasures of Chinese ancient art on the land of Central China, wheat straw pictures, the former artwork of royal courts, are well-known today both domestically and internationally. Made of wheat straw of...
Clay figurine of Xunxian County
    Lying in the north of Henan Province, Xunxian County, once called Liyang in the ancient times, was a crucial town scrambled by warlords in all dynasties. On this age-old former battlefield are people living and working in peace and conte...
Chinese Knots
Chinese knots, with its long history, can date back to the remote antiquity when it originated, the Tang and Song dynasties when it developed rapidly, and to the Ming and Qing dynasties when it boomed. As history classics show, “People of the remot...
Grass Intertextures
    Grass intertextures are generally made of millet straw, wheat straw and palm fiber. As a traditional folk art, it varies from one ethnic group to another in characteristics, shapes, patterns, colors and categories.     ...
Luoyang Chengni Ink-stone
Luoyang Chengni (deposited silt) Ink-stone, specially processed with silt having been deposited for thousands of years in the Yellow River as raw material, is one of the four top ink-stones of China. Hard yet delicate, wearable and jade-...
Heluo Fancy Stones
    Heluo Fancy Stones are productions of the Yellow River, the Luohe River, the Yihe River and the Ruhe River. Most of the stones favored by stone collectors of Luoyang are from the Yihe River and the Luohe River, usually bearing a rigidity...
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