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The Yin Ruins Museum
Located at the Xiaotun Village, Anyang city, Henan Province, the ruins of the capital city of the late Shang Dynasty are preserved in the Yin Ruins Museum where inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells were discovered in 1899. It is also the birthplace of Chinese archeology, one...
Red-flag Canal tourism area
Hongqi Canal, a masterpiece laurelled as “the Amazing Wonder of the World of an Artificial River”, is a monument to the industry and wisdom of Linzhou people created since the birth of PPC, valuable both in the material sense and the spiritual. Traditional Chinese v...
Yue Fei Temple
Situated in the southeast corner of the Tangyin County, and covering more than 6000 square meters, Yue Fei Temple was first built in 1450 ( Ming Dynasty). Composed of more than 100 halls and rooms, it also has more than 40 colorful statues and more than 300 steles and inscriptio...
Taihang Great Valley scenic area
Taihang Great Valley lies on the south of the Taihang Mountains to the west side of the Linzhou City in the north-west of Henan Province. 50km long, 1.25 km wide, 800-1793 meters above the sea level, Taihang Great Valley is a typical scenery of north C...
Wenfeng Pagoda
At the northwest corner of the former city area of Anyang on the ruins of the Tianning Temple stands the Wenfeng Pagoda which was originally named the Pagoda of the Tianning Temple. It was later named “Wenfeng” for its special location and the customs of the local ...
The Youlicheng
Situated on the open field 4km to the downtown area of Tangyin County between the You River and Tang River, Youlicheng, the first national prison where Emperor Wenwang of the Zhou Dynasty was once imprisoned, is the origin place of The Book of Changes, which is lau...
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