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The Yuntai Mountain Geological Park
The Global Yuntai Mountain Geological Park is located at the south foot of the Taihang Mountain in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo. It mainly consists of the Yuntai Mountain Natural Scenic Area, Qinglong Mountain resort and other surrounding areas. The park is known for its massive g...
Chenjiagou Village--- a sacred place of shadow-boxing
The village is situated in the middle part of the Qingfeng Mountain, 5km from East Wenxian County of Jiaozuo. Originally, it was called Changyang village, but later changed its name because a Zezhou native (in Shanxi Province) called Chen Bu moved and lived here genera...
The Fenglin Canyon Scenic Area
Situated in the Taihang Mountain, 20km to the north of the downtown area of Jiaozuo City, the Scenic Area occupies 50 square kilometers. It is the central tourist sight of the Yuntai Global Geological Park as well as the central zone of the National S...
Mausoleum of Han Yu
The Mausoleum is located 6km to the west of Mengzhou City, north of the Luochang Highway and at the south foot of Zijin Mountain. Covering an area of over 6 hetares, it is a historical site under provincial protection as well as a tourist sight of Grade AAA in...
The Shennong Mountain Resort
The Shennong Mountain Resort lies 23km from the northwest of Qinyang City at the foot of the Taihang Mountain. Covering an area of 96 square kilometers, it consists of eight major scenic areas and other 136 scenic spots. It is recognized as a Grade A preserved area...
The Resort of Qingtian River
Situated south of the foot of the Taihang Mountain, the Resort of Qingtian River lies in Boai County, which is named as “South at the foot of the Taihang Mountain” (“South” mainly refers to the developed area in Southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province). It is a rectangle-shaped r...
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