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Jidu Temple
Jidu Temple is the short form for the Temple of Jidu North Sea, which is a key point cultural relic unit under government protection. Lying at the headstream of Jishui River, northwest of Jiyuan City, well preserved, it is the only one historical and cultura...
Wangwushan Scenic Area
Covering an area of 265 square kilometers , Wangwushan scenic area is located 40km to the northwest of Jiyuan City. Wangwushan Mountain is one of nine famous mountains in ancient China. Legend has it that once an old man removed two giant mountains in front of...
Wulongkou Scenic Area
Located 15 kilometers southeast of Jiyuan city, covering an area of 128 square kilometers, Wulongkou scenic area, which includes 68 natural human sights, is divided into five scenic spots, i.e. Hot spring, Pangu, Qin River, Chouergou and Baijiangou. Characterized by natural scen...
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