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The Stele Forest of Hanyuan
On the west side of Dragon Pavilion Park sits the Stele Forest of Hanyuan, covering an area of nearly 7 hectares, and with more than 3,500 steles. The inscriptions here mainly consist of famous calligraphers’ works as well as poems, paintings and seals. And it is a...
The Iron Pagoda
In the northeast of Kaifeng City, the Iron Pagoda stands tall and erect. As a shining pearl representing the culture of the central plain, this Tower is world-renowned for its superb and exquisite architectural art and design. The Iron Pagoda, also called “Kaibao Pagoda”...
Kaifeng Fu
Kaifeng Fu from the Northern Song Dynasty was made famous in the world, especially for the upright official Lord Bao, who enforced justice and cracked down on evil. Till now, the local opera “Lord Bao Investigating Cases in Kaifeng Fu” is still quite popular. The present buildin...
The Dragon Pavilion Scenic Spot
As a famous scenic spot in the northern part of Kaifeng, the Dragon Pavilion actually is not a pavilion but a great hall built on a huge gray brick base of 13 meters in height. The park, centered with the Dragon Pavilion, is the largest sightseeing zone in Kaifeng C...
Xiangguo Temple
The time-honored Xiangguo Temple lies in the downtown area of Kaifeng, the Capital of Seven Dynasties, which was once the most prosperous city in the world and is a historical and cultural ancient city now. There is an old folk saying, “The first beauty is Suzhou (a g...
The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao
The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, located on the west bank of Lord Bao Lake in Kaifeng, was reconstructed in memory of Bao Zheng, an upright and honest official and a political reformer in the Song Dynasty. It is the key scenic spot in the central plain developed by th...
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