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The Temple of Marquis Wu
The temple, surrounded by pines and cypresses, was built to commemorate Zhuge Liang, a famous statesman and strategist in the Period of Three Kingdoms. Among nine temples preserved around the country, this one in Nanyang ranks only next to the temple in Cheng...
The Xixia Dinosaur Remains Park
Located in Sanlimiao, Danshui Township, 25km from Xixia County seat and 2.7km from No.312 National Highway and Ningxi Railway, the park is the central area of Mt. Funiu Geo-park in Xiaxia County and the Nanyang National Natural Reserve area of Dinosaur Egg Fossils. As a large par...
Baotianman Nature Reserve Area
Located in the mountainous area in the north of Neixiang County, at the eastern part of Mt. Qinling and southern part of Mt. Funiu, the reserve area covers an area of 100km². It is the first nature reserve area in Henan Province and the only biosphere ...
Fahai Temple
Jingziguan Township of Xichuan County, an ancient commercial town appeared in late Tang Dynasty, ranks among the first group of historic towns of Henan Province. Situated at the bank of the Dan River, it enjoys a unique and favorable geographical position, which is a hot point ...
The Nanyang Art Gallery of Han Dynasty Stone Carvings
As a specialized museum oriented to collect, display and study stone carvings of the Han Dynasty, it is the earliest founded museum in history that features the most collectibles and the largest exhibition space.Built in October, 1935, it was located in the former Nanyang People...
The Temple of Zhang Zhongjing
Located in Nanyang City, a historic town in the southwest of Henan Province, it is the memorial site built to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing, a great doctor in the Eastern Dynasty who is reputed as the “Medical Sage” and a great man in the world history of medicine. As ...
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