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Fodushan Scenic Area
Located in Lushan County, and close to No. 311 National Freeway, the Fodushan Scenic Area lies to the east of the Shiren Mountain Scenic Area, the west of the Water Park of Zhaoping Lake and to the north of Midong Villa. Covering an area of about 780 hectares, the Fodushan Sceni...
The Shimantan National Forest Park
The Shimantan National Forest Park, covering an area of 120 square kilometers, is located south from Wugang City, east of the Funiu Mountains and west of the Huang-Huai Plain with convenient transportation. The park is divided into 10 scenic spots including 4 traveli...
Shirenshan Scenic Area
Shirenshan Scenic Area, a section of the east Funiu Mountains, is located at the west of the Lushan County of Pingdingshan City. Shirenshan was once named “ Mount Yao” by the ancient inhabitants after the Memorial Temple of Emperor Yao which was built by Liu Lei, a de...
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