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The Vessel Casting Place of Huangdi (Yellow Emperor)
This place is located in the Yangping Township of Lingbao City, 80km away from Sanmenxia City. It is recorded in the book of The Record of History that at this place Huangdi cast cooking vessels here to worship Heaven and establish his rule. The political, economic and...
Sanmenxia Dam Scenic Area
Located to the northeast of Sammenxia City, 14km away from the city, the place is a state tourist area of Grade AAA. The dam, standing upon what is called “Golden Delta of the West of Henan”, is the first large water conservancy project along the Yellow River. ...
Pagoda of Baolun Temple
Located in the Shanzhou Scenic Area, it was originally a pagoda in the Baolun Temple of Shanzhou city. Back in the Tang Dynasty, it was built by Master Dao Xiu, and in 1177, Master Zhi Xiu had it rebuilt. As 800 years have passed, the temple is no more and only the pagoda remains...
Ganshan Mountain National Forest Park
Situated to the south of Shanxian in Sanmenxia, it is only 30km away from the city, a drive of 40 minutes. With a total area of 3,800 hectares and an elevation of 1,884m, the attraction boasts its seasonal views and abundant natural resources. The irresistible temptations of...
Hangu Pass Tourism Area of Ancient Culture
Located in Hanguguan Township, 15km away to the north of Lingbao City and 75km away from Sanmenxia City, the place stands right on what is called the Old Path to Chang’an. Locked in the deep valleys beside which runs the Yellow River, the place derived its ...
Chariot-and-Horse Pit Museum of Guo Kingdom
On the northern part of Chunqiu Road, Sanmenxia City, stand the Guo Tomb Ruins of the West Zhou Dynasty, a state-level key relics protection unit, the Museum was built to exhibit these themes. To the north stands the Yellow River and to the south is Xaoshan ...
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