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Lingshan Mountain Resort
Located in the southwest of Luoshan County in Henan Province, the Lingshan Mountain Resort borders Xinyang County and Dawu County of Hubei Province. To the east stands the Jilongshan Mountain and to the West the Jigongshan Mountain. There are 6 sce...
The Birthplace of General Xu Shiyou
The attraction lies in Xujiawa Village, Tianpu Township, Xinxian County, the birth and burying place of Xu Shiyou, a legendary general, who is admired for his outstanding achievements, strong personality and devotion to his country as well as his mother. People f...
The Cemetery of Martyrs of E-Yu-Wan Revolutionary Base Area
Located in Baimaojian, a place to the south of Xinxian County, it is among the first group of cemeteries on county level. Built in 1957, it covers an area of 22 hectares. The main sights include the gate, an embossment entitled Liaoyuan (Spreading), the Memorial To...
The Museum of Revolutionary Base
With Xinji (present Xinxian County) as its capital during the civil revolutionary war, it is a relatively large base area under the leadership of the CPC. This land had brought forth red army forces one after another such as the 4th Front Army, the 25th Army Corps and th...
Tangquan Spring Lake
On the west bank of the upper reaches of Lianyushan Reservoir, 15km southwest of Shancheng County and in the Dabieshan region, lies the famous attraction which is noted for its magic healing effects of spring water. With an area of 30km², the place stretches 5km from ...
Jigongshan Mountain Resort
Located at the intersection of Henan Province and Hubei Province, the Jigongshan Mountain Resort covers an area of 287km². It is close to No.107 State Highway, Jing-Guang Railway and Jing-Zhu Expressway, only 38km away from Xinyang city to the north. As...
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