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Wenfeng Pagoda
Situated in the Xuchang Museum at south-eastern corner of the city, the imposing pagoda stands high into the sky. As one of the top ten sceneries in Xuchang, the pagoda ranks as the best brick pagoda in Henan Province and the State Key Relics Protection Unit.In 1614 A.D. of the...
The Yuzhou Museum of the Jun Porcelain Kiln Site
The museum is an AAAA-rated national attraction. Situated at the northern part of Junguanyao Road in the downtown area, the museum covers an area of 47,000 m². The official Jun porcelain kiln site, a state key relic protection unit, is located here. On display are pictures, ...
Baling Bridge
Baling Bridge is situated on the Qingni River, 4 kilometers west of Xuchang City. Legend has it that it is the place where Guan Yu bid farewell to Cao Cao. Hence the bridge became well-known. The bridge is a 3-hole blue stone structure, 3 meters above the water.In 200 A.D. (Han D...
The Spring and Autumn Tower
  Featuring the styles of Ming and Qing architecture, the tower is situated in the central part of Wenmiao Road In 200, A.D of Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao, a powerful warlord, marshaled his army to the east. In a battle at Xiapi, Guan Yu and Liu Bei’s two wives were ...
Yanling National Exposition Garden of Flowers and Plants
Situated in the New Town area of Yanling County, 2.5 kilometers east of Xuchang City, the garden lies to the north of No. 311 National Highway, to the east of Jingzhu Expressway and the 107 National Highway, 75 kilometers to the south of Xinzheng Intern...
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