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According to records, Fan families derived from Qi families, as descendants of Emperor Yao, and later took their surname out of the name of a place. In the Zhou Dynasty, a minister named Dubo was killed. His son escaped to Kingdom Jin and was appointed Lord Chancellor of Justice, with the Chinese position name of “Shi” which was taken as the surname. Later, a major general of Kingdom Jin from the
Xun County town is historically well-known in China. The temple fair originates from over one thousand years ago when the emperor of the Later Zhao Dynasty organized people to carve the Pishan Buddha Statue. People at that time usually gathered to burn the incense and worship the mountain and the Buddha. During the period of more than one thousand years, a great number of monasteries and Taoist te
An overview of Henan Cuisine Blessed with abundant cultural heritages, Henan, with a long history, is one of the prime origins of Chinese civilization. From the Xia Dynasty and the Shang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty, many emperors set their capitals in Henan, among which are Luoyang, capital of 9 dynasties in the west of Henan, Kaifeng, capital of 7 dynasties in the east, Xiaotun in Any
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