Yifu noodles in clay pot
Date:[2006-12-6 10:02:21]

     Another traditional snack in Henan, “Yifu noodles in clay pot” enjoys a good reputation on the central plains of China for its delicious soup, flexible noodles and rich nutrition.

     Legend has it that there once was a Tang Dynasty general, whose surname was Yi. It so happened that he had just strode over the threshold of his house, during his visit to his hometown in Yecheng ( Anyang in Henan province), when he received an royal decree to return immediately to the palace. It was so urgent that the Yi family had no time to prepare a banquet. Suddenly an idea occurred to the chef. He made noodles out of flour and eggs and then fried in the oil pot before putting them into a clay pot with the broth. After the soup had boiled, he added sea cucumbers, squid, mushrooms, ham hocks, tender bamboo shoot slices, dried shrimps, shredded cooked chicken and edible fungi; and then seasoned the soup with lard, pepper and chili oil. When the noodles had cooked, he served them to the general in order not only to show welcome but also see him off. As expected, the noodles received praise from the general for its fine ingredients, tender noodles, delicious taste and fresh soup. After that the method of making this kind of noodles, which was later called “Yifu noodles in clay pot”, became popular among the people. In 1983, a store specializing in Yifu noodles in a clay pot, named Changchun Restaurant, was set up on Erqi Road. In 1995, Zhengzhou Food & Drink Company built up the experience and craftsmanship to open the Zhengzhou Roast Duck Store and Yushunlou Restaurant. In 1997, patrons spoke highly of Yifu noodles in clay pot during “the exhibition and promotion month for national high quality well-known dishes and snacks”.

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