Haichangong preserved eggs
Date:[2006-12-6 11:52:11]

     Haichangong preserved eggs (eggs preserved in a mixture of water, lime, clay, salt and rice husk, with pine needle-shaped vein running through the egg whites) are a specialty of Xiuwu County. There is the Mafang Spring in Wuliyuan town, Xiuwu County, the spring exudes out of the rocks and converges into a pond. Legend has it that it was the place where Liuhaichan, a Taoist monk, made pills of immortality during the period of Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms. Feeding on the worms living in the spring, ducks there lay eggs bigger than the average, sometimes with double-yolks. Thus, the preserved eggs made here have a unique flavor and are very tasty. All Emperors after the Yuan Dynasty made it a course for the royal feast.

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