Wuzhi oil tea
Date:[2006-12-6 11:53:26]
    Originated in the Qin Dynasty, Wuzhi oil tea is one of the Chinese traditional specialties with a history of over 2000 years. According to historical records, in 206 B.C., Liubang (the first Emperor of the Han Dynasty) got injured and fled to Wude County in the Jiaozuo area; he took refuge in a Lu’s home. Treated with oil tea by the Lu family, Liubang recovered three months later. Then he wrote in one of his poems that “Wude is blessed with delicacies, even the royal feast is no match for its oil tea”.
    After coming to throne in Chang’an, and craving for the delicious food, Liubang ordered Lu to serve in the royal court and ordained him as the master of oil tea, and made it a royal course. Wuzhi oil tea contains 24 ingredients such as choice flour, quality starches, peanuts, and sesame, which are scientifically mixed. According to the inspection of Henan Sanitation & Anti-epidemic Bureau, it contains 424.63115g vitamins per 500g, and has many functions such as nourishing the liver, stomach and lungs, and enhancing the physical health. Being aromatic, tasty, and nutritious, it is known all over the world and has been exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia.
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