Ran’s Spiced Fish
Date:[2006-12-6 10:16:58]


    With more than 200 years’ history, Ran’s Spiced Fish is a traditional dish that has been handed down from the ancestors of Ran Xiandong, who lived in the county of Xiayi. It was given the honorary title of “the tribute to the imperial palace” in the times of the Qianlong Emperor during the Qing Dynasty.
    This dish is made using fresh crucian carp weighing more than 200g from the Xiayi County Lake. The fish scales do not need to be removed, however, its entrails should be removed before it is pickled and fried. A variety of seasonings are added to the fish before it is turned into the famous Ran’s spiced fish.
    It has a golden blush and fragrant aroma, while its bones are crisp. With rich nutritional value, the fish can be eaten heated or cold. It is indeed a great delicacy for any banquet and a tasty dish with rice.

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