Xu’s Tangyuan (Sweet dumplings)
Date:[2006-12-6 10:19:32]


    Tangyuan, a kind of rice dumpling stuffed with sugar or honey, is very popular in north China. Xu’s Tangyuan is produced by the Sansheng Restaurant in Shangqiu city. As the restaurant was established by Xu Shufu and his two fellow apprentices in 1893 of the Qing Dynasty, and the chef of the restaurant is Xu Minglin, the grandson of Xu Shufu, the rice dumpling takes on the surname and is thus named “Xu’s Tangyuan”.
    The main ingredients of Xu’s Tangyuan are rice and millet powder. The stuffing is made from white sugar, honey and a variety of fruits with rice dumpling wrappers as crystal-clear as jade after being cooked. Xu’s Tangyuan has numerous varieties, each with distinctive flavor.

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