Laocai Steamed Dumplings
Date:[2006-12-6 10:10:10]

     The technique in cooking Laocai steamed dumplings is quite exquisite. The meat stuffing is chosen from fresh pork of which the proportion of fat and lean is 2:1. The better-quality pork is then chopped into pieces by hand. Ginger powder, cooking wine, soy sauce, refined salt and water are added to the meat and then they are mixed together. After that, 0.75kg of sesame oil in per 6kg meat is added. The steamed dumpling wrapper is made from half-cooked flour which is kneaded again and again till the flour becomes soft and resilient. The dough is then rolled out into squares in which meat stuffing is then added. Next, the squares are then folded into a crescent. Laocai steamed dumplings are characterized by its thin wrapper and full stuffing, bright color, beautiful appearance and delicious soup.
     Laocai’s steamed dumplings has won the laureate of “Jinding” awarded by the Ministry of Commerce; and the title of “ the famous delicacy of China ” granted by the Association of Chinese Cuisine. Besides, it won the gold medal of the 4th National Cuisine Contest. At present, cooks in Laocai steamed dumpling restaurants have developed new kinds of dumplings with ginger juice, aromatic celery, etc., which have also become local special delicacies.

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