Geji stewed pancake with canned meat
Date:[2006-12-6 10:10:45]

      This snack is cooked by stewing pancakes together with vegetables and special canned meat. The multi-layer pancakes are made from roasting soft flour dough. Then the pancakes are cooled down and cut into strips for preparation. Fresh pork with the fat and skin attached is to be used. The meat is then cut into cubes of 2cm and the cubes are put into boiling water. Next, the scum or foam on the surface of the water is removed. After that, the meat cubes are taken out and put into a jar with eight kinds of seasonings, and aromatic fermented bean curd. Next, the broth is poured into the jar and the lid is closed tight. The jar is then put over a fire until it boils. After it boils, the fire is turned down and the meat stews until it becomes tender.
      Before stewing the pancakes, vegetables are put in the bottom of a pot. Then the pancake strips, special canned meat, and broth are added to the pot. The pot is covered and stews for a short while, after which it will be done. Besides mung bean sprouts and fresh vegetables, garlic and seasonal plum can be used as side dish. In addition to pork soup, chicken soup and duck soup are good alternatives. Geji stewed pancakes won the laureate of “ the famous delicacies of China ” in the first national famous snack show held in Hangzhou, China in Dec. 1972.

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