Fine dried hollow noodles
Date:[2006-12-6 11:32:48]

Fine dried hollow noodles get its name out of its thinness and hollowness. Being able to boil for long time, it is soft, delicious, nutritious and easily digested.

Fine dried hollow noodles were developed from a kind of Sanzi, (deep fried noodles), which is one of the specialties of Runan county. The grandfather of Niu Jinsheng (the successor of the noodles) learned to make Sanzi and then figured out the way of making fine dried hollow noodles, which were famous throughout Zhumadian city in the 1920s when Jinsheng’s father, Niu Zhongbin was in his 20s. Sanzi and fine dried noodles made by the Niu family were laurelled as “Double Unique skills”.

At that time, the Army Supervisor of Henan Zhaoti specially invited the Niu family to Kaifeng to make Sanzi and the noodles. Now in Kaifeng, the Niu Family still owns a shop that makes fine dried hollow noodles.

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