Baifo Dingdeng
Date:[2006-12-5 15:32:50]

“Baifo Dingdeng”, the performance of “One Hundred Buddhas Carrying Lamps on Their Heads” in Xiangyang Village, Hubin District, Sanmenxia City is a unique view in customs show of Yellow River area in Sanmenxia. Wearing cassocks and carrying lamps on their heads, one hundred “monks” walk in a way of “Plum Blossom Steps”, with palm leaf fans in hand. This performance is well-known for its exquisite, difficult and adventurous skills and the success of the performance mainly depends on the eyesight and neck strength of the performers. It is a combination of action and stillness and is particular about the “stability”. People could feel the “boundless light of Buddha” in the pious but amusing looks of the performers. It is often played around the Lantern Festival to entertain the locals.

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