Pan Drum of Kaifeng
Date:[2006-12-5 15:34:41]

Pan Drum of Kaifeng is one of the folk custom performances and one of the Five Drums of China: the other four are Taiping Durm of Lanzhou, Waist Drum of Ansai, Weifeng Drum of Shanxi and Fengyang Drum of Anhui. The history of Pan Drum can be dated back to very long ago. At the very beginning it was played for exorcising evils, and as time went by, it has rather become a musical instrument for celebrating, well-known for its sonority, grandeur and power. Every day, in the square by the east gate of the Qingming Shanghe Garden, after the performance of “Lord Bao Welcoming Guests”, drummers begin to beat Pan Drum before the statue of Zhang Zeduan (the painter of Qingming Shanghe Painting). Performers include one flag bearer, 8 small cymbal players and 16 drummers. During the performance, the flags fly and the small cymbals flutter. Performers dance and skip, forming different but orderly patterns. Listening to the vigorous and hot drumbeat and watching the bold and free dance, how could tourists not be moved? “Beating like thunders and acting like billows” is the feature of Pan Drum of Kaifeng, and people could get the indomitable characters of Chinese people out of it.

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