Zhongyue Temple Fair
Date:[2006-12-5 15:36:40]

Zhongyue Temple is located at the foot of Huanggai Peak on the southeast of Taishi Mountain, 4 km away from Dengfeng City of Henan Province. The temple fair is held on the 10th of the third lunar month and the 10th of the tenth lunar month every year. It originates from the fete of offering sacrifices to the Mountain by the ancient rulers. In the Song dynasty, the regime and the Taoism were integrated, thus the temple fair entered its prime times, and gradually, it became an important fair for trade.

The Temple Fair lasts as long as 10 days, and attendants could be as many as 200,000 per day. Many ancient customs are kept till now at the fair, such as “Shuanwawa”, literally “tying down a baby”, an activity of tying a rope on the neck of a clay baby in the temple, “Baigandie”, literally means “worshiping a nominally adoptive father”; “touching iron figures” (a legend has it that one who touches the iron figure could be as strong as the iron figure), etc. At the fair, one can also watch many local performances such as lion dancing, land-boat dancing, stilt walking, fire dragon dancing, and so on. There are also many souvenirs or “mascots”, which are provided with a strong religious belief, for example, longevity lock, jade scepter, precious calabash, sachet, lucky sword, animal sign stone, etc.

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