Xinzheng -- the producing area of Chinese dates
Date:[2006-12-5 15:38:05]

  Plucking red dates, picking up peanuts, enjoying farm food, living in the farm yard and embracing date tree king of one thousand years, you will enjoy the idyllic scenery of Xinzheng, the producing area of red dates. With its charming rural life and pure customs, Xinzheng welcomes tourists from all over the world.

The Xinzheng tour mainly includes: first, the genealogical root-seeking with the theme of Yellow Emperor culture mainly around the Yellow Emperor’s hometown and the Ancestor Mountain scenic area; second, the presentation to tourists the Culture of Zheng and Han Kingdoms with a history of 2,700 years and the historical celebrities by introducing Mausoleum Museum of Kings of Zheng Kingdom, Ancient City of Kingdom Zheng and Kingdom Han, and the Cemetery of Ouyang Xiu (a famous historical scholar); third, the “Tour of the Home of Dates in China” and the “Longhu Landscape Tour” in the Mengzhuang Red Date Garden and the Dragon Lake holiday village. In addition, to greet such tours and the golden week of National Day holiday, touring programs such as plucking red dates, picking peanuts, tasting farm food, living in the farm yard and visiting the date processing factories, will be arranged for tourists to experience by themselves the happiness of harvesting red dates while enjoying the natural scenery of the vast expanse of date trees. In the scenic spot of Yellow Emperor’s birthplace, tourists will be welcomed to attend the Exposition of Yellow Emperor Culture, to appreciate the performance of singing and dancing with chime bells, to watch Shaolin Kongfu show, and to visit the ancient mill, so that they can get further understanding of the vastness and depth of the Yellow Emperor Culture. What’s more, the Zhengfengyuan scenic spot will show visitors various rare animals so as to let them bask in amusement as well as the classic elegance of ancient Zheng Kingdom.

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