What are the most famous scenic spots in Henan?
Date:[2010-4-13 15:01:44]
If the first time to come to Henan, you are recommended to visit the scenic spots as follow:
The Shaolin Temple: China is famous for its Kungfu, or martial arts and Shaolin martial arts have long taken on a legendary color and are famous both in and outside China. Shaolin Temple is favored by nature with circling springs, flourishing forests, competing hills and sights of quietness and elegance. Also the Shaolin Temple is regarded as the origin of Zen while Dharma is considered the founder of Zen in Chinese Buddhism.
The Longmen Grottoes: The Longmen Grottoes are one of the world cultural heritages. They are not only ancient sculptures priceless to Buddhist, but a miracle in the history of Chinese art.
The Yuntai Mountain Geological Park: The Global Yuntai Mountain Geological Park is located at the south foot of the Taihang Mountain in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo, Henan. The park is known for its massive gardening areas, overhanging high cliffs, flying waterfalls, secluded valleys and spring water.
The Yin Ruins Museum:The Yin Ruins are one of the world cultural heritages. Oracle bone inscriptions, the origin of Chinese characters and the earliest mature Chinese characters, were records of auguries in the Yin Dynasty, known as the earliest “archive” in ancient China.
Red-flag Canal tourism area: Red-flag Canal, a masterpiece laurelled as “the Amazing Wonder of the World of an Artificial River”, is a monument to the industry and wisdom of Linzhou people created since the birth of PPC, valuable both in the material sense and the spiritual.
The Garden of Market in Qingming Festival: The garden was constructed according to the famous scroll painting by Zhang Zeduan, a famous painter in the Northern Song Dynasty whose painting is regarded as one of the treasures of the ancient Chinese Arts. Once you step into the garden, you would feel that you go back to thousand years ago.
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