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Name: Zhoukou Hotel
Area: Zhoukou
Star: ★★★★☆
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
Add: 12, northern part of Wuyi Road, Zhoukou
Affiliated to the Zhoukou municipal government, the hotel was built in 1968. It is a business-conference oriented hotel integrating accommodation and entertainment. Situated in the northern part of Wuyi Road, the central business district of the city, the hotel is only 3 kilometers away from the Expressway. The favorable location, along with convenient transportation, the beautiful environment has made the hotel the best place to stay for guests at home and abroad.

In 2003, a renovation project was initiated to comply with the standards of a 4-star hotel. The areas include guest rooms, the multi-purpose Hall, Yueyan Tower, VIP Hall, Reception Hall and the restaurant on the first floor. There are currently 3 residential buildings in the hotel, including the four-storey high No.2 building and the 3-storey high No.3 building. There are a total of 300 guest rooms, including one presidential suite. In the suite, there is a room for the president, one for the first lady, a sitting room, a restaurant, a meeting room, an amusement room and the guards’ room, etc. The suite is a combination of luxury and simplicity. With a floorage of nearly 5,000m² and advanced facilities, the suite tops the eastern Henan area. The guest rooms are decorated mainly in the European style, with attentions focused upon the easy use of customers as well as the staff. In the No.1 building, the 4th, 8th, 10th and 11th floor are designed for business customers. The 9th floor is for the exclusive use of female customers. Internet access is available in all the guest rooms so that people could go online and do online business.

The Food and Drink Department features 21 restaurants and banquet halls of different styles with the seating capability of more than 700 people. On the first floor, the restaurants specialize in buffet and self-service hot pot and provide catering of wedding banquets. Yueyan Tower has invited well-known chefs of Canton Cuisine. Covering an area of 120m², the VIP Hall mainly provides western food. The Food-Delivery Department focuses on local snacks, such as small steamed stuffed buns, wantons, Kongji roast chicken, and gains great popularity among customers.
In the hotel, a conference center is specially designed for various meetings. There are 12 meeting rooms of different capacities ranging from 20 seats to 526 seats, among which the auditorium, seating 550, is for the use of medium-sized meetings; the Multi-Purpose Hall takes a place in the list of hotels that could hold a video conference; the Reception Hall, your top priority to meet with important customers, suits the uses of all kinds of banquets, parties, exhibitions and executive meetings.
The hotel boasts its complete set of services and facilities. There is a large parking lot with 140 spaces, a commercial center, cafés, fashion salons, department stores, sauna centers and so on.
In pursuit of the policy of “Focus on customers and service”, the style of “Professionalism, Honesty, Thoughtfulness and Leading Spirit” and the principles of “Dedication to work with Efficiency”, the hotel makes every effort to provide customers, home and abroad, with superb and considerate services.

Address: 12, northern part of Wuyi Road, Zhoukou.
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
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