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Name: Tianlong Hotel
Area: Zhumadian
Star: ★★★★☆
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
Add: 289, Wenming Road, Zhumadian
Under the approval of the State Development Planning Commission, the State Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, the State Travel Bureau, the joint-ventured Tianlong Hotel won the honor of the 4-Star Hotel on October 28th. Situated at 289, Wenming Road, the hotel stands beside the 107 National Highway. With a floorage of 30,000m² and an area of 7.9km², the hotel is comprised of three main buildings.
Building A

It is the main part of the hotel with 203 guest rooms. Great efforts have been made on the decoration, furniture style, color arrangements, and layout of the hotel so as to achieve a certain artistic atmosphere. Different features are presented among the guest rooms including standard rooms, singles, business suites and deluxe suites. In every guest room, there are facilities such as central air-conditioning, closed circuit TV sets, refrigerators and so on. Services are available around the clock to give customers the maximum care. In addition, in the main building you could find advanced multi-function halls, conference halls, shops, beauty and hair salons, clinics, snooker rooms, gyms, bars, and so on. The conference center is spacious and imposing, equipped with the first-class lighting and acoustic facilities. There are meeting rooms with seating capacity ranging from 10 to over 500, suitable for all kinds of meetings and performances.
Building B

At Julongxuan Restaurant, there are 600 seats for the customers to enjoy delicious food of all styles. Building B also features other Chinese and western food restaurants, with seating capacity amounting to 1,000 around.
Building C

Xianlegong Amusement Center , a place for rest and relaxation, provides services such as bowling, sauna, KTV and so on.
Tianlong Hotel, with its first-class facilities, environment and service, is expecting customers from all over the world.

Address: 289, Wenming Road, Zhumadian.
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
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