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Name: Huadu Hot spring Hotel
Area: Xuchang
Star: ★★★★☆
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
Add: Chenhuadian Township, Yanling County, Henan Province
Huadu Hot spring Hotel is located in Huadu Hot Spring Resort, which covers an area of 1036mu with a floorage of 57792m². As a key tourism project of Xuchang municipality, the resort has integrated hot springs with services like dining, conventions, health care and recreation. It lies to the south of No. 311 National Highway, 20 kilometers west of the Jingzhu Expressway, 25 kilometers west of Jingguang Railway (Beijing--Guangzhou) , and 65 kilometers away from Xinzheng International Airport in the north. The resort is famous for its excellent mineral water which contains a substantial amount of mineral elements beneficial to human health. The water temperature in the deep wells reaches as high as 63°C. According to the experts, a continued use of the water for drinking and bathing contributes to the intenerating of blood vessels, reduction in hypertension, and helps with the prevention of cardiac, cerebral vascular diseases, bone and joint diseases, etc. The legendary Saint Spring, Huatuo Pearl Spring lies in the resort.
The resort features its spring water and bathing services, together with its superb atmosphere in which customers could sip at the tea while appreciating the flowers. Based upon its profound Three Kingdoms Culture, targeted for fit-keeping and recreation, integrating the cultures of water, flower, tea, the resort avails itself of its natural forests and lakes. Guests cannot only experience the pastoral landscapes, rural pleasures, but also find here a world of flowers, a sea of herbs, a land of trees and a paradise to birds. All year around, there are flowers blooming. It is really an ideal place for recreation, vacation and traveling. The main attractions include luxurious bathing villas, large-scale bathing pools, water amusement garden, Huatuo Herb Garden, the Garden of Exotic Flowers and Plants, the Garden of Winter Sweets, the Garden of Food and Drink Culture, tea and wine houses, the convention centre, and vacation villas.

Address: Chenhuadian Township, Yanling County, Henan Province
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
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