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Name: Zhongzhou Hotel
Area: Jiaozuo
Star: ★★★★☆
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
Add: North of No.2 Road in Industrial Area of Zhongzhou Almunium Factory, Jiaozuo, Henan
Built in Oct. 2003 according to the standard of international four-star hotels, the hotel is an international tourist hotel belonging to Zhongzhou Aluminium Factory of China Aluminium Corporation. It is situated in  Fangzhuang Town, Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo, 12 kilometers from the Yuntai Mountain National Geological Park, which is a natural area of Grade AAAA.
It is a recreational holiday hotel, with all kinds of services in accommodation, entertainment, conferences and shopping. With splendid decorations and advanced facilities, it has a gardening area of 4 hectares with a floorage of over 14,600 square meters, representing a harmonious combination of natural sceneries and modern architecture. The main building stands here with rooms of all kinds: standard rooms, single rooms, triplet rooms, standard suites and deluxe suites. It has a large dining hall for Chinese food and twelve luxury banquet halls of different Chinese styles, capable of holding 300 people. The hotel also provides other facilities, including conference centers, internet bars, shops, chess rooms, gyms, coffee bars and a large conference center for 800 people, where there are eight different modern meeting-rooms, one multi-functional auditorium and one VIP hall for rest. Moreover, the hotel also possesses sauna-bathing center and beauty shops.
The hotel is equipped with advanced facilities, making your life here easy and comfortable, such as the centralized air-conditioning, background music, movie-selecting system, satellite television system, electronic lock, fridge, smoke alarm, auto-shower, IC telephone, international direct dial telephone (IDD) and domestic direct dial telephone (DDD). If you want to relax yourself on holidays or find a place for business conferences, the hotel is definitely your first choice.

Guest rooms: The hotel has standard single rooms, double rooms and suites as well as administration deluxe suites. The total number of the guest rooms here is 93, with 186 beds available. Stepping into each room, you can not only see the modern equipment but also feel a sweet and comfortable atmosphere. Also, you can enjoy a wonderful view from the window, looking into the lines of houses on the grand Taihang Mountain or far into the distance at the beautiful modernized factory buildings lighting at night.

The twelve dining-halls named after different scenic spots of Jiaozuo and a large elegant banquet hall in ancient Chinese style for 150 people serve various foods in different styles, such as Guangdong, Mizong dishes (named after the famous Mizong Boxing invented by Huo Yuanjia, a famous martial arts master in China) and delicious local food of Yuntai Mountain.
Address: North of No.2 Road in Industrial Area of Zhongzhou Almunium Factory, Jiaozuo, Henan.
Tel: 0086-400-666-0166
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