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One-day tour in Zhengzhou city
D1: Zhengzhou city to Xinzheng city,Henan province, China In the morning--- Leave for Xinzheng city at 8:00 am with one hour on the way. Visit the Former Residence of Yellow Emperor scenic area, a holy place of overseas and domestic Chinese to seek root...
Confucius pilgrimage tour
D1: Arrive in Zhengzhou ---- the capital of Central China’s Henan Province. Visit the Henan National Museum ---- one of the largest museums of China. Stay in Zhengzhou D2: Bus to Luoyang --- one of the most famous ancient capitals in Chinese history. Vi...
A six-day tour between Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang
D1:Zhengzhou In the morning, go sightseeing to Henan Museum, one of the four largest museums in China; at noon, visitors can enjoy the food with local flavors. In the afternoon, go sightseeing to the Yellow River Scenic Spot in the north of Zhengzhou...
Two day tour to Puyang landscapes
D1: go sightseeing to the Garden City, Puyang, the Green Plantation, Qicheng resort and Zi Lu’s Tomb (one of Confucius’ disciples); D2: visit the Yellow River Ecological resort and the Memorial Site of Liberation Army forcing across the Yellow River in ...
Three day tour to Anyang landscapes
D1: on the first day, go sightseeing to Youlicheng (a cultural relic in the Shang Dynasty) in Tangyin County, Memorial Temple of Yue Fei (a Chinese Hero in Southern Song Dynasty), Wenfeng Pagoda and the Museum of the Yin Ruins; D2:Hongqi Irrigation Cana...
Two day tour to Hebi Landscapes
D1:visit the site of the first ancient military school during the Warring State Period in China, and Yunmeng Mountain Scenic Spot in Qi County; D2: Dapi Mountain Scenic Area in Xun County. Henan Wind International Travel Service Co, Ltd. is located...
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