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Name:Tour of Taichi and Kungfu
D1: Arrive in Beijing, visit the Temple of Heaven.                    Overnight in Beijing
D2: Visit the Tian’anmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, try Peking Roast Duck dinner.               Overnight in Beijing
D3: Visit the Great Wall, the Ming Tomb. Night show: Acrobatics.                 Overnight in Beijing
D4: Fly to Zhengzhou ---- the capital of Henan Province, which is known for its splendid history, visit the Henan National Museum; then take coach to Jiaozuo, home to world- renowned Shadow Boxing or
Taichi.               Overnight in Jiaozuo
D5: Visit the birthplace of Taichi ---- Chen’s Village, watch Taichi demonstration and make exchanges with local Taichi boxers.                Overnight in Jiaozuo
D6: Take coach to visit one of the famous mountains of the country ---- Mt. Yuntai National Park and the CCTV Film Studio at the Phoenix Hill of Jiaozuo.                Overnight in Jiaozuo
D7: Take coach to the famous ancient capital ---- Luoyang, visit the World Cultural Heritage and the eternal art treasure house ---- Longmen Grottoes; Lord Guan’s Memorial Temple. Try the national banquet of the Tang Dynasty ---- Empress Wu Zetian’s favorite Luoyang Water Feast.             Overnight in Luoyang
D8: Visit the earliest Buddhist temple in Chinese history ---- the White Horse Temple, the origin of Chinese Kungfu ---- the Shaolin Monastery at Mt. Songshan, you will be entertained with a wonderful Shaolin Kungfu Show.                    Overnight at Mt. Songshan
D9: Practicing Shaolin Kungfu instructed by Kungfu coaches. Then take limousine back to Zhengzhou.           Overnight in Zhengzhou
D10: A short ride to another ancient capital of China ---- Kaifeng, visit the Song Dynasty Imperial Avenue; the Former Imperial Palace Ruins of six dynasties ---- the Dragon Pavilion; the Iron Pagoda built in 1049 A.D.; the Former Kaifeng Mansion famous for a widely known judge --- Baogong 10 centuries ago; the Song Dynasty Theme Park; then back to Zhengzhou to take a hovercraft cruise on the Yellow
River.             Overnight in Zhengzhou
D11: Fly to Shanghai ---- the biggest city in China, city tour of the Yu Garden, the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Nanjing Road shopping certre.              Overnight in Shanghai
D12: Visit one of the largest national museums of China ---- Shanghai Museum, the Jade Buddha Temple, Longhua Temple.              Overnight in Shanghai
D13: Leave Shanghai.
Henan Wind International Travel Service Co, Ltd. is located in Henan Province which is one of the largest provinces in China and with Yellow River as its main river. It is subordinated to the Henan Province Travel Agency Information Center authorized by the Henan Province Travel Agency. It runs the following businesses: external and domestic commerce inspection, conference reception, domestic travel, international travel reception and so on.
Henan Wind I.T.S. at present not only has 9 to 45 luxurious tourist buses, but provides traveling bus charter service; moreover it has a good air ticketing system (designated sales agent of IATA), and as an agent for train tickets, airfare throughout the country.
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Henan Wind I.T.S. was awarded the 2005-2006 Outstanding and Credible Travel Service in Henan Province.
Based on the rule of "Seeking credibility by the quality, and development by the credibility "and with the strict management mechanism, we insure you high quality tourism journey by means of high quality services, standardized operation, reasonable prices, outstanding brand characteristics and sincere professionalism.
Here we will give you a brief introduction of Henan Province.
Henan Province is located in the Central East of China and in the middle and lower reaches of Yellow River which is the “Mother River of Chinese Nation”. Henan Province is the birthplace of 5,000 years civilization of Chinese Nation, and gave birth to profound and extensive historical culture.
Henan has many places of interest, historical and cultural scenic areas. It is the birthplace of the world famous Chinese Gongfu. Shaolin Temple is the hometown of Chinese Gongfu.
Longmen Grottoes and Yin ruins (the capital city of Shang Dynasty) are listed as the World Culture Heritage. The oracle bones inscriptions discovered in Yin Ruins are the earliest Chinese Characters. Besides the famous canal—the red flag canal is praised as the Manmade Milky Way, A wonder in the World and the Great Wall of Water in China. The White Horse Temple is the “place of origin” of Buddhism and the “ancestral court” for Buddhists. There are still many other scenic spots here.
We warmly welcome you to come to Henan province, to China!
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