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A two-day tour to Xuchang, Zhumadian
D1:tourists visit the cultural relics of Three Kingdoms (220-280, namely, Wei, Shu and Wu), Lord Guan's Memorial Temple (Guan Yu, a famous general at the end of the Han Dynasty), Chunqiu Pavilion (Guan Yu’s study), and Nanjie Village-- a modern rich villag...
A four-day tour to Nanyang Landscape
D1: visit Wuhou (Zhuge Liang, the wit master) Temple in Nanyang, Memorial Temple of Zhang Zhongjing--a Medical Sage, Museum on Stone Sculptures of the Han Dynasty and Zhang Heng’s Grave; D2:visit Yamen (court house) Museum of Neixiang County, and drift ...
A two-day tour to Lushan landscape
D1: visit Shiren Mountain and Zhaoping Lake scenic area; D2: visitors can enjoy bathing in hot springs. Henan Wind International Travel Service Co, Ltd. is located in Henan Province which is one of the largest provinces in China and with Yellow R...
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