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Manor of Millionaire Kang
Name:Manor of Millionaire Kang
Tel:Tel:0086-371-65907709 0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

The Manor of Millionaire Kang, built in the Qing Dynasty, is located at the Kangdian Town of the Gongyi

City, 2 kilometers north of the city. Kang families, rich and powerful in the Qing Dynasty with large amount of fields covering dozens of square kilometers, built up the castle of a feudal style since 1790 to 1820, extending their old manor to the mountain top with accretion of property after years of accumulation.

The Manor of Millionaire Kang, a castle of brick and stone structure isolated from the outside by bounding walls of a close circle on the mountainside, is made up of 9 architectural complexes, 31 courtyards, 73 cave-dwellings and 310 living quarters including storehouses, workshops, ancestral memorials, livestock areas, etc. Covering 64,300 square meters, it is a typical ancient Chinese architectural complex of a feudal castle, large, integrated, and well-kept. It combined the artistic characters of royal courts, temples, civil residences and gardens, building cave-dwellings alongside mountains and erecting buildings along streets, with courtyards c
onnecting each other while being relatively independent, showing typical architectural characteristics of both the northern China buildings and the loess plateau dwellings. Looking afar, the grand tile houses connecting each other from the foot of the mountain to the top are full of vigor with an air of majesty. The quadrangle dwellings are decorated in different style, connecting each other with quite narrow winding pathways. Stratified buildings with grand gates and precise layouts are on one hand luxurious, majestic and graceful, elegant on the other hand, composing one of the excellences of the central China.

Built against the Mangshan Mountain, facing the Luoshui River with the Yellow River to the north and the natural barrier of the Heishi Pass to the south, the manor is a strategic place enjoying a splendid view of the landscape. Simple outside and deluxe inside, the well-kept manor is always an attraction to visitors.
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