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White Cloud Mountain
Name:White Cloud Mountain
Tel:the Baiyun Mountain, Songxian County, Luoyang City Tel:0086-371-65907709 0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located at the Song County of Luoyang, the Baiyun Mountain, one of the most beautiful sceneries in China, is famous for its imposing mountains and pretty water. Baiyun Mountain Natinoal Forest Park is situated at an area of dense steep peaks standing one beside another in the hinterland of the Funiu Mountains. Yuhuangding, the top peak of the central China with a height of 2,216 meters above the sea level, is the ideal spot to appreciate the first glimmer of the dawn as the sun emerges.

Lying on a transition belt from the semi-tropical zone to the warm temperate zone, the Baiyun Mountain is the division between climates of the north and the south China. With rich resources of wild animals and plants, it is a natural reserve of the national class. With a forest coverage as high as 98.5%, it has 1,991 kinds of plants with more than 40 of them under the protection of a national class in addition to 204 kinds of animals among which more than 20 are under national protection.

With a fall of more than 1,000 meters, the Baihe Great Valley has numerous ponds and waterfalls that can be easily found almost everywhere. Under the glorious sunshine, the Jiulong Waterfall with a fall of 123 meters looks like a silver Milky Way pouring down from the sky briskly, producing beautiful rainbows coiling around visitors, resting on their shoulders and moving along their steps. Being the origin of three rivers, the Baiyun Mountain is unique in central China as an integration of the wonder of both rivers and hills.

The virgin forest of thousands of acres here is an intact natural ecosystem with various withering vines and age-old trees, exotic flowers and plants. Beautiful Indian azaleas blazing with redness extends several kilometers in blossom seasons, scattering everywhere over the high peaks and creeks. It is unusual to the woods of more than 400 ginkgo trees growing together since the Tang Dynasty. With its rare plant and animal community, the Baiyun Mountain enjoys its fame as a “natural museum”.

With numerous crossing springs flowing here and there, the Baiyun Mountain is the origin of three large rivers which join separately the Yangtze River (the Changjiang River), the Yellow River and the Huaihe River. Therefore, it is a mountain covering three drainage areas.

With densely scattered grand mountains and steep hills, the scenic area has 37 peaks more than 1,500 meters high above the sea level, among which the Yuhuangding with a height of 2,216 meters is the highest peak in central China. Then, Baihe Great Valley has a vertical fall of about 1,000 meters, with various rushing waterfalls and dimpling ponds.

Virgin forests of north China: The Baiyun Mountain, with a forest coverage as high as 98.5%, has thousands acres of virgin forests with centuries-old trees, coiling vines, dense bushes, crowding wild flowers.

An ideal summer resort: Because of the high altitude and the dense forest coverage, the Baiyun Mountain is always cool with an ideal average summer temperature below 18℃ and a top temperature below 26℃. The moderate temperature makes air-conditioners and fans useless in the hotels of this scenic area.

Add: the Baiyun Mountain, Songxian County, Luoyang City

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