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Tianchi Mountain National Forest Park
Name:Tianchi Mountain National Forest Park
Tel:the Deting town, Songxian County, Luoyang City Tel:0086-371-65907709 0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Tianchi Mountain National Forest Park, located at the northwest of the Songxian County of Henan Province, is the nearest eco-tourism area to the ancient capital Luoyang City, with a distance of 98

kilometers. It’s convenient to reach the Park thanks to Tianshan Tour Buses which can reach there directly and the Luoluan Expressway passing nearby. The scenic spot covers an area of over 2,600 hectares with forest coverage as high as 98.57% and the highest annual temperature of 28℃. Wangmangzhai, the major peak, is 1,860 meters above the sea level. The scenic area boasts  rich and special tour resources characterized by both the majesty of the north China landscapes and the elegancy of those in the south. At present, there are 5 scenic spots available for tourists, namely the Tianchi, Feilai Stone, Yunv Spring, Erlang Valley, and Hanwang Tomb, focusing respectively on sceneries of mountains, stones, water, forest and historical culture.

As far as the altitude, water coverage and the depth of the lake are concerned, the Tianchi Mountain is the third largest mountain-lake in China after the Changbai Mountain Lake and the Tianshan Mountain Lake. Embraced by other mountains clustering around, the Tianchi Mountain is quiet and cool. It is a garden of flowers competing in splendor in autumn while a natural ice-rink in winter.

Feilai Stone

Standing at a position of 1, 443 meters above the sea level, the Feilai Stone has a maximum length of 22 meters, a width of 21 meters and 24 meters tall with a volume of 7,564 cubic meters and a weight of 21,558 tons. What’s more conspicuous about the stone is that, large as it is, it leans towards one side, touching the ground within a small area less than 10 square meters. According to some experts, it is the largest single fancy stone found in China till now with the highest altitude and the smallest ground-touching area and the largest volume.

The Yunv Creek

The Yunv Creek is a charming place of quietness where crossing creeks and waterfalls can be easily found almost everywhere, showing a special feminine beauty of the scenery. Visiting here is just like touring on a fairyland.

However, the Erlang Valley, a place with an air of masculinity, is full of steep cliffs, deep ponds, dim caves and torrential waterfalls. It’s much like a venture to visit here, thrilling and breath-taking, yet so attractive.

There are also many historical sites in the scenic area, such as the former barracks and parade-ground of Emperor Liu Xiu of the Han Dynasty, the Hanwang Tomb (King Tomb of State Han) of the Warring States Period, Buddha Temples of the Tang Dynasty. In addition, there are abundant folk stories, poems, and inscriptions of ancient scholars here, accompanied by natural beauties such as azaleas in spring, peonies in summer, red leaves in autumn and rimed pine trees in winter, making it an ideal resort for tour and relaxation.

Add: the Deting town, Songxian County, Luoyang City

Tel: 0379-66556075

Fax: 0379-66446178

Henan Feng International Travel Agency: 0371-65963326

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