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Luoyang Museum of Folk-Custom
Name:Luoyang Museum of Folk-Custom
Tel:133, Xinjie Street, Chanhe District, Luoyang City Tel:0086-371-65907709 0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Standing at the south end of the Xinjie Road, Luoyang Museum of Folk-Custom is very special in China. It was built in 1744 A.D. of the Qing Dynasty with the former name of “Temple of Guan Yu” in memory of Guan Yu, a well-known general during the Period of Three Kingdoms. The museum is now an ancient
construction complex made up of several buildings and halls, unique in style and precise in structure. It was rebuilt into the Yuxi (West Henan) Museum in 1981 then into the Luoyang Museum of Folk-custom in 1987 and open to the public in 1988.

The Luoyang Museum of Folk-custom has collected many masterpieces of paper-cuts, which is very popular in west Henan Province. Varieties of paper-cuts include flowers, plants, animals, human beings, etc. Their structures and styles are different, too, simple or complicated, elegant or bold. Thanks to the colorful paper-cuts, this section of the exhibition room looks even more beautiful and graceful.

The “shadow play” is a local opera presented by casting shadows of puppets on a screen. In Lingbao County, the famous "homeland of shadow play”, people love it so much that it has become indispensable in their life. Here in the Luoyang Museum of Folk-custom, visitors can not only appreciate shadow play, but also perform it by themselves if they are interested, bringing much enjoyment.

The Hall of Marriage Custom is a place where wedding ceremonies in the Qing Dynasty and the layout of the bridal chamber are reproduced. Outside the bridal chamber, the shy bride, the unsophisticated groom, the smiling attendants, naughty children and folk instrument players standing aside create a vivid scene of a grand wedding. Inside, the brand-new quilt made of silk cloth embroidered with Chinese love birds of mandarin ducks and fragrant pillows make the room of an ancient flavor even more pleasant. With all these, a joyous scene of Chinese traditional marriage is presented again in front of visitors.

The Longevity-blessing Custom Hall is a restored hall where people bless the longevity of the senior on his/her birthday. The senior is laughing in the middle with long white eyebrows while the other people standing around are showing their respect and praying for his/her longevity.

The Hall for Religions displays 60 gods worshiped by folk people and introduced their appearances and functions in form of roll paintings. Here stands also an octagonal pagoda 10 meters tall with three floors which is made of a kind of superior rare wood, on which 304 Buddha statues are worshiped in their respective shrine. The exhibition hall gives visitors a systematic view of various religions in central China, as statues of all worshiped gods can be found here.

Luoyang Museum of Folk-custom, with its rich contents and vivid folk activities displaying the customs of west Henan Province, has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Add: 133, Xinjie Street, Chanhe District, Luoyang City

Tel: 0379-63951064 63961077

Fax: 0379-63971033

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