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The Shimantan National Forest Park
Name:The Shimantan National Forest Park
Tel:Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

The Shimantan National Forest Park, covering an area of 120 square kilometers, is located south from
City, east of the

Mountains and west of the Huang-Huai Plain with convenient transportation. The park is divided into 10 scenic spots including 4 traveling routes. It is designed with the

Lake as the center, with scenic spots Jiutouya and Tianche at two sides. The

Forest Park is characterized by green hills, clear waters, fancy caves and gorgeous rocks.

Thanks to its moderate weather and abundant water resources, the Park enjoys a forest coverage of 90%, which makes it a picturesque landscape. Walking in the forest, you can see various kinds of vegetation, hear birds’ singing, and smell the fragrance of flowers. As each scenic spot has different landscapes, you can have various choices: watch the gorgeous stones or tide, explore the thick forest or step into the large iron and steel factory and observe how iron and steel are made.

The natural summer resort, the Shimantan International Dragon-boat Race Base, the modern iron and steel city, the exciting spectacle of waterfall of the Shimantan Reservoir together with other natural and human landscapes and historical sites form a charming and spectacular painting of landscapes, which will make you feel in the dream and stay as longer as you can.

Jiutouya Natural Scenic Area

As the main scenic spot of the Shimantan National Forest Park, Jiutouya Natural Scenic Area enjoys an ideal location and convenient transportation. Situated to the southeast of

City, it is opposite to the Chayashan Scenic Area to the east and close to Shimantan Reservoir, covering an area of more than 50 square kilometers.

Jiutouya Natural Scenic Area is composed of 40 small scenic areas, 27 historical sites, 8 caverns, 12 springs and 128 scenic spots. The scenic area impresses visitors with its precipitous peaks, green trees, clean streams and legendary caverns. The main spot, Jiutouya Cliff, comprises nine majestic and precipitous peaks side by side. Seventeen Waterfalls flow gently, elegantly like a charming lady or run violently, roaring like a tiger. The numerous springs and waves are full of legends. Fancy rocks resembling to maidens, camels, turtles are vivid and lively.

Tianchishan Scenic Area

Located to the south of

City, Tianchishan Scenic Area is mountainous. It is 20 kilometers from the Sipo Railway Station and 15 kilometers from the Yangzhuang Bus Station. The scenic area is divided into two parts including 100 scenic spots and 35 historical sites. In the area, you can watch majestic peak, relax at Tianchi Pool which is as cool as in autumn even in hot summer. In a word, being intoxicated with the beautiful scenery, you would get the feeling that “Among numerous landscapes in the world, Tianchishan is the fanciest.”

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