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Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area
Name:Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area
Tel:Shayao Township (Guoliang, Nanping), Huixian City, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area, situated at the central part of
Mountains, lies 55 kilometers at the northwest of

City. Being famous for its four sky stairs, four caves, four pools, four fancy scenic spots and the
Grand Canyon with Red Steep Cliffs, the scenic area boasts fancy peaks, long pools, mysterious caves and dense forests. With temperate climate, Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area is an ideal summer tourist resort and a base for film-video creation and sketching. It enjoys a grand reputation as the Pearl of Taihang Mountains and a Wonder of China.

The extraordinary geomorphologic landscape, the
Grand Canyon with Red Steep Cliffs is an ancient original physiognomy with a depth of 200 meters, 500 meters wide and over 20 kilometers long. It has a drop of over one thousand meters from the peak to the bottom of the canyon. At the narrowest place, it is only one meter wide. The cliffs composed of red rocks along the canyon, extend for as far as the eye can see which makes a majestic and grand scene. The surface features are perfectly preserved here, with layers from different geological ages of
North China. As a typical geologic structure of
North China, the area serves as an ideal instruction of geological science for tourists and students alike. It has been praised as “a
Museum” by Chen Anze, a professor and expert of national scenic spots from the


Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area is like a world of stones. The stones resemble stone grinders and rolls, stone tables and stools as well as stone walls. For centuries, blocks for farmhouses and farmyards were built with stones. The 1200-meter-deep Guoliang Cavern in the Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area was excavated by local people, which once made many Japanese visitors raise their eyebrows to exclaim that it is “the Eighth Wonder of the World”.

Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area is also a world of dissolved caverns, of which the Red Dragon cavern, the White Dragon cavern and the Yellow Dragon cavern are well known. In these caverns, the various overhanging stalactites are the highlights. With various forms, they are works of natural art.

There are numerous pools, waterfalls and streams in the canyon of the Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area with the Black Dragon Pool Waterfall and the White Dragon Pool Waterfall being the most famous ones. Among all the waterfalls, the Dragon Pool Waterfall is very vivid with water spouting out of the cliff which resembles the mouth of a dragon. If you shout loudly at the side of the waterfall, the current will accelerate suddenly. The overhanging stalactites are really the work of art elaborately carved by God, with the magic shapes of stone curtains, stone waterfalls, stone people, stone Buddha or stone beast. It is really an amazing spectacle.

Township (Guoliang, Nanping),

Huixian City,
Henan Province .

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