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Jinghua Park Scenic Area
Name:Jinghua Park Scenic Area
Tel:Xiaoji Town, Xinxiang City, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

The landscape of Jinghua Park Scenic Area vividly displays five thousand years of splendid Chinese civilization and the cultural framework of ancient temples, monasteries and palaces of many Chinese nationalities. It unfolds before us a beautiful picture of folk-customs integrated with Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. The Scenic Area is a miniature of

China with winding Great Wall model around it. In the Scenic Area, the Shanhaiguan pass,
Pass and
Pass stand out majestically with the Yellow River and the
Yangtze River flowing through; the Pearl Island, Taiwan is connected with the mainland by a ropeway. The 50-meter-tall “Palace of Heaven and Earth” is composed of “Palace Halls of Enlightened Emperors in Past Dynasties”, “Hall of Faithful Ministers and famous generals” and “House of celebrities on the central plains of China”. In particular, the “House of celebrities on the central plains of
China”, as the first of its kind in
China, reflects the splendid culture along the
Yellow River. The architectural layout is arranged in terms of living area of each nationality, with antique flavor and varied styles. In the Park, you can see the high stilted wooden houses of the Miao nationality, the houses of the Uygur, Dai style houses and the yurts of the Mongolian nationality, Buddhist Pagodas and the dwellings of the Tujia, Zhuang, Korean, Zang and Bai nationalities. Inside each house are displayed the colorful national costumes. The display, dances and songs in the Park have increased cultural exchanges and promoted national unity. Other activities such as the water-splashing festival of the Dai nationality, Cultural Festivals of the northern Nationalities, and the Torch Festival of the Yi nationality are held at regular intervals, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Park, the essence of national classical gardens, is characterized with creativity and distinguishing features. The park, covered with grass, flowers and trees, is composed of several gardens, such as
Garden of
Garden of
Garden of

Garden of
Plum Blossoms, to name just a few. The buildings hide behind trees that are full of vitality and energy.

The Jinghuayuan Hotel is of elegant and ancient style. Inside the hotel, you can enjoy famous paintings, stone inscriptions and sculptures which make up the artistic and cultural gallery. Staying in the elegant, peaceful and pastoral hotel, you will have a good relaxation both for business and holiday.



and Jinghua Mineral Spring rest home are attached to the Park. The mineral spring water with a composition of over 30 kinds of microelements, flows from underground, has obvious therapeutic effect. There are a variety of choices if you want to enjoy a bath, for example, tub bath, surfing bath and sauna.

Convenient travel routes for this scenic area are: first, the

Pass. Then, you can visit the scenic spots in the style of Northern Nationalities. Next, pass through the

Central Square, and go to the side of the
Sea and the

Palace of
Heaven and Earth. From the Palace, walking straight towards the South, you can see the scenic spot in the style of Southern Nationalities. Then, you can visit the Pavilion of Buddha, Disneyland and

City. Finally, pass through the

Pass to finish your journey.


Xinxiang City,
Henan Province.

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