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Baligou Scenic Area
Name:Baligou Scenic Area
Tel:25 kilometers northwest of Huixian City, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Baligou Scenic Area, covering an area of 42 square kilometers, is located at the south foot of Taihang Mountains. It is 50 kilometers away from Xinxiang City and 25 kilometers from Huixian city. Baligou Scenic Area is a combination of characteristics of some famous mountains in China. As the essence and soul of Taihang Mountains, it is as precipitous as Huashan Mountain, majestic as Taishan Mountain, quiet as Jiuzhai Valley and Qingcheng Mountain and charming as Huangshan Mountain and Emei Mountain. With an average temperature of 14°C, it is an excellent summer resort. In hot summer, you will feel comfortably cool, like in spring or autumn. You can enjoy fresh air, sweet spring waters and quiet surroundings in the natural oxygen bar and the gallery of landscape paintings. Thus it is an ideal destination for holiday, with opportunities for visiting primeval mountains and waters and for getting back to nature.


The Baligou Scenic Area is composed of five main resorts including more than 150 scenic spots. As a member of the distinct waterfall groups in North China, it boasts over 100 waterfalls including the Canal Waterfall, the Curtain Waterfall, and the Ditch Waterfall, among which Baligou Waterfall is regarded as “the Heavenly Waterfall of Taihang Mountains” for its fall of 200 meters, with running water for all seasons. Besides, the Baligou Scenic Area also has massive rock formations like Guan-yin, Buddha, Welcoming Stone Man and Lao Zi (the creator of Taoism) giving lectures; caverns like the Forefathers Cave, the Phoenix and Dragon Cave and the Eight Treasures Cave and other spectacles. The Red Stone River, being known as “the Heavenly River in Taihang Mountains” for its 1100 meters height above sea-level, creates beautiful scenery of red rocks reflecting on the surface of clean water. Standing on the Jade Emperor Peak—the main peak of Taihang Mountain, you can watch the sunrise in the east, and the cloud sea in the west, and view the winding Yellow River below and the elegant peaks to the north.


In the scenic area, there is a spot called a thread of sky, which is a narrow mountain gap. A winding path between the gaps is like a grand dragon twining around the cliffs. Thus it is called “Dragon Hanging Ladder”. The path, composed of hundreds of steps along the steep cliffs, was the only way up and out for the local villagers. A thread of sky is lined with extremely steep cliffs and fancy rocks and is shrouded in mists. Walking along the path, you have to lower your head, stoop your back, and edge along cliffs or climb cliffs every now and then. The twisting path is like a ribbon waving in the air. Walking on the steps, you can fully enjoy various sights of fancy rocks and unfathomable canyons. It is indeed an amazing spectacle.


The Red Stone River, named after the red rocks on its riverbed, is located at the Gourd Cliff in the Baligou Scenic area. Originating from Shanxi Province, it has a depth of 0.6 meters, a width of 20 meters and a height of 1500 meters above sea-level. So it is called “the Heavenly River”. The river quietly runs along the long and narrow red valley. The water is like a precious mirror reflecting the images of blue sky and white clouds, and you will find yourself carried away by the overpowering beautiful scenery. There are eight huge rocks in the Red Stone River with the name “the Platform of the Eight Immortals”, because legend has it that the eight

immortals once had a rest here when they had a visit to the scenic spot. Of course, you can dabble or take photos on the rocks, and you could think yourself one of the eight immortals.


There is a natural cave beside the Red Stone River with the name “the Guan-yin Cave” or “the Black Dragon Cavern”. It remains cool inside the cave even in hot summer. It is said that the clean mineral spring water in the cave contains many kinds of microelements and is ideal for drinking. The spring at the north side of the mountain is named “Pearl Springs” because the spring continuously falls from the top of the mountain like beads of pearls or fragments of jade.


The hotels or teahouses in the district, which were built in the style of the Qin and Han dynasties, are built against the mountain and beside the waters. The Holiday Area, composed of cottages with farmyards, hides in the virgin forest, isolated from the city noise. You can relax and become intoxicated in the fairyland.


By staying in a farmhouse and eating local specialties, you can enjoy the rural life. In the daytime, you can either appreciate the beautiful scenery on a horse or on a boat; at dusk, you can climb up to the mountain and watch the sunset; at night, you can have a sound sleep accompanied by the song of waterfalls. It is indeed relaxing.
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