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Red-flag Canal tourism area
Name:Red-flag Canal tourism area
Tel:Liuzhou City, Anyang, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004


Canal, a masterpiece laurelled as “the Amazing Wonder of the World of an

River”, is a monument to the industry and wisdom of Linzhou people created since the birth of PPC, valuable both in the material sense and the spiritual. Traditional Chinese virtues of co-operation, solidification, creation and sacrifice, manifested in this project by Linzhou people, were widely admired everywhere in

China. “The new-born
China has two wonders: the
Yangtze River
Bridge in
Nanjing and the
Canal in

County (now called Linzhou)”, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai told his foreign friends proudly in the 1970s.

Located on the joint point of three provinces on the north part of the Linzhou City
20 km to the downtown area, the

Canal enjoys convenient communication and superior location as an ideal tour site of majestic and elegant natural views as well as splendid humane sights of special attractions. The Hongqi Canal, an artificial wonder famous for its hardship, effort-consuming in construction and also its high aesthetic value, winds through the splendid Taihang Mountains, one of the most significant view of north China, like a beautiful blue ribbon. Tourists may be impressed by a mingled air of both the rural primitive and the vast connotation brought by the wonderful combination of the splendid, majestic, rugged, elegant natural beauty in Linlvshan and the attractive humane masterpiece of
Canal winding through the

Mountains on cliffs and mountainsides. The
Canal scenic site is made up of three spots, namely the
Garden, the

Cave and the Luosi Pond which are connected with each other in different styles. Impressed by the courage and wisdom manifested by laborers here during the construction of

Canal, visitors will find touring here a spiritual refinement and a refreshment of the inner world. Therefore, they can have a better understanding of Chairman Mao Zedong’ exclamation “It is the people that are the creator of the world”.


Garden scenic area

Garden scenic area is a garden lying at the junction where the main stream of the

Canal splits into three branches.
18 km to the downtown area, it lies on the low joint between the Datuo Hill and the Mao’er Hill in the northern part of the

Mountain. Before being called the Watershed Hill, it once bore the name Tomb Hill. With scenic spots aligned in good order with dense green cypresses and roaring canal river flushing by, it is such a pleasure to refresh our mind here on this beautiful land.

The Youth Cave scenic area

Driving along for
30 km from the
Garden, tourists will find themselves embraced by the

Cave scenic area. Standing on the steep mountain roads and extending their sight into the vast horizon downward, with the Hongqi Canal hanging on the cliff of the majestic Taihang Mountains and the Youth Cave extending through mountains along cliffs, tourists will be impressed by this splendid yet poetic view and cannot help but exclaim its marvelous beauty and vigorous air.

The Luosi Pond scenic area

The Luosi Pond scenic area is just
1 km to the west of the

Cave. It is also called “Tianqiao Duan” which literally means “a broken heaven bridge” for the rope bridge here hanging over a valley between cliffs which connects two provinces:
Henan and

Hebei. Here you can boat on the famous “Little Gorges” of the

River while enjoying the beauty of the pond. You can also appreciate the mysterious

Cave where folk story about a people-saving divine turtle goes. Besides, there are other places of interests here including the Iron Chain Bridge hanging high over the valley.



, a wonder of natural beauty and a masterpiece of New China, has extended its arms to guests all over the world. As an old Chinese saying goes, “Beautiful sceneries are always beyond descriptions”. You are welcome to this amazing and charming land of



Henan Province

By bus: First arrive at

Anyang by the National Highway No.107 or the Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway and then drive on to Linzhou for 40 minutes.

By train: First arrive at Anyang by Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and then go to the bus station for regular buses leaving for Linzhou that is
50 km away to the west.

Other choices: Regular buses and taxis are available every day leaving for scenic areas at the Linzhou Bus Station.

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