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The Spring and Autumn Tower
Name:The Spring and Autumn Tower
Tel:Wenmiao road, Xuchang city, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Featuring the styles of Ming and Qing architecture, the tower is situated in the central part of Wenmiao Road In 200, A.D of Eastern Han Dynasty,
Cao Cao, a powerful warlord, marshaled his army to the east. In a battle at Xiapi, Guan Yu and Liu Bei’s two wives were captured. Being loyal to his master and his master’s two wives, Guan Yu reached an agreement with
Cao Cao and surrendered temporarily. After they were back to Xuchang,
Cao Cao, admiring his talent, conferred Guan Yu the title of Deputy General and bestowed him a mansion as the residence for him and two ladies. Considering the possible suspicions that may damage the reputations of the ladies, Guan Yu divided the mansion into two yards. Two ladies lived in the inner yard and he himself lived in the outer yard. There was a tower in the yard, where Guan Yu read the book of Spring and Autumn at night and therefore the Tower got its name.

The tower was constructed in
1271 A.D of the Yuan Dynasty and went through many renovations during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was recorded that in the outer yard, there are the gate, the tower of bell and drum, the

Tower of
Spring and Autumn, the middle hall, the rear hall. In the inner yard are the Memorial Temple of Guan Yu Family, the Memorial Temple of Queen Zhao Lie, and some auxiliary structures.

The site covers a total area of
20,000 m². In the outer yard are the gate, the Tower of Spring and Autumn, the Hall of Saint Guan, the Tower of Sword and Seal; in the inner yard are the garden-styled buildings including, the residences for Lady Gan and Lady Mi, the Pavilion of Wen’an, the Hall of Gua Yin Feng Jin (it is a Chinese proverb meaning to refuse to take the position offered and leave without notice, usually by hanging the seal and leaving the money bestowed). There are also the Hall of Dacheng, the Gate of Halberd, and the East-West Corridor in the Wen Miao Yard. The newly constructed Hall of Saint Guan has a width of 7 rooms, a depth of 3 rooms, and a total height of
33.1m. It has 3 layers of eaves. On the roof are decorated yellow glazed tiles. The railing is made of white marbles. In the hall, a 13-meter high Guan Yu statue stands with his son and some followers, which is rarely seen across the country.

Address: Wen Miao road, Xuchang city,


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