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The Qicheng attraction of Cultural Relics
Name:The Qicheng attraction of Cultural Relics
Tel:West of Jingkai Road, Puyang Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Puyang is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. The ruins of Qicheng are crucial evidence that witnessed the long history of Puyang. The attraction covers an area of 50 hectares, with 5 commemoration spots and 3 sites of relics and ruins.

Qicheng was an important town in Wei Kingdom in the Spring and Autumn Period. 80 meters away to the east, there is an earth foundation where the warlords gathered to form alliances. Between 626 B.C. and 531 B.C., the kingdoms allied 15 times in Wei, 7 of them were held here. Presently the attraction includes the alliance stage, town walls, exhibition room, the Confucius residence in Wei, Xuan Guan, the holy place where King Zhuan Xu carried out his religious reforms, the Garden reflecting the cultural atmosphere of Wei Kingdom, the Miniature View of Ancient Battles, the Dragon Palace, the Dragon Lake, the craftsman titled “saint of carts” and his inventions, the sleeping statue of Hua Xu, Fu Xi’s mother, the Fu Xi Pavilion, and the tripod caldron made by Qi, an emperor of Xia Dynasty, and the Pavilion of tripod caldron.

A border town in the north of Wei Kingdom, facing Jin Kingdom to the north on the other side of the Yellow River, bordering Lu Kingdom to the south, Zheng Kingdom to the west, Qicheng was a geographically important place. Owing to this, it had become a strategic point grappled by the
warlords. The town was also the feoff of the Sun family of Wei Kingdom, which was then enormously influential and its position had a direct influence on the government of Wei Kingdom as well as the balance among the feudal forces. Accordingly it was recorded that many historical events had to do with Qicheng. Zi Lu, a disciple of Confucius was killed in a political conflict involved with this town.

The Ruins of Qicheng is a national key protection unit of historical relics. On the ground are the ruins of the ancient town walls extending 1,520 meters long, and cover an area of 1,440m². Underground are the historical remains of different periods ranging from the Yang Shao Culture over 6,000 years ago to the Han Dynasty. The Qicheng attraction of Cultural Relics is a culture theme park that mirrors the history, culture as well as the amusement of Puyang.

Address: West of Jingkai Road, Puyang

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