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Boshan Lake Resort
Name:Boshan Lake Resort
Tel:south of Queshan County, Zhumadian, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

18km away in the south of

County and the Jingzhu Expressway, Jingguang Railway and

No. 107 National Highway crossing from south to north, the attraction has an area of
240 km², a forest coverage of 90% and a waterside area of
22 km². The attraction has won itself honors such as “National Forest Park”, “State Attraction of Water Conservancy”, “Provincial Attraction” and so on. Among the famous scenic spots are Jingyu Island, Linggui Island, Hongfeng Island, Luotuo Summit, Huhao Summit, Jiangjun Wall, to name only a few.



is profound with culture heritage. Since ancient times it has been reputed as “Langling Scenery”, “Dragon Lake of Central China” and so on. Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, Yan Zhenqing, a great calligrapher, had left their works there. Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty left his handwriting Boshan to show his admiration. The film crew of CCTV for A Journey to the West and Long March had taken here as the shooting location. Celebrities like Yang Jie and Tang Guoqiang praised this place as “the lake is a miniature of a thousand views.”

The pure water and tranquil environment has made

Lake a paradise for animals and plants. In the attraction there are over 1,400 species of plants, among which many are under national key protection. Besides, there are nearly 100 species of animals. The rare birds are white swans, mandarin ducks, golden pheasants and so on. There are nearly 30 kinds of fish, including giant salamanders, mandarin fish and so on. As for specialties, the place abounds with chest nuts, Chinese gooseberries, and wild fungi and so on. The star-rated hotels, recreation facilities, department stores, and telecommunication equipments could be found for the customers’ convenient use. Special programs are also available such as an outdoor bathing place, a valentine vacation village, a military training camp and hunting and fishing areas. No doubt the place is an ideal stop for sightseeing, rest and relaxation.

The resort is a 25-kilometer long stretch of lake surrounded by mountains. Seen from above,

Lake is like a flying dragon among the mountains and waters. On the both sides of the lake, more than 6, 600 hectares of forest covers all the hills, islands. The whole attraction includes four parts: Langling, the Great Dam, Dongdashan, and Jiuzigou.


The dam soars above the horizon, linking
Mountain and

48m tall,
545m long,
8m wide on the top, the dam has a capacity of 0.62 billion m³.To the east lies Boshan Mountain. In Western Han Dynasty, it was where

County was established. Until now more than 2,000 years have passed. It is the joint part of
Mountain and

Mountain. In the south-west rolls the imposing
Mountain, and in the north-west is grand


The Eyot

The oval-shaped island looks like a whale. As the water rises and falls the island comes close or distant from the one in the south. On the eyot, there are extraordinary plant vies. In the southeastern part there is a botanical garden with more than 470 species, among which are rare plants as eucommia, yellow firs etc. Up front on the left in the lake, there is a small island which looks like a mossback, namely the

Island. Legend has it that a 10,000-year old tortoise saved Lan Caihe, one of the 8 immortals, who negligently delayed the tortoise’s time to become an immortal. The tortoise had to wait more than 3,000 years and finally turned into an island.

Cuizhu Stream

Cuizhu, literally bamboo, is a perennial plant of gramineae genus. The area is covered with various Bamboos, forming a beautiful valley. In addition,

Lake is also a paradise of birds.

The drainage area of

Lake is about
580km², in which there are branches of rivers surrounded by rolling mountains with a vegetation coverage rate of over 99%. The favorable environment has formed beneficial conditions for various kinds of fish to reproduce. According to a survey, there are cuttlefish, yellow crappie, tortoise, horseshoe crabs, eels, shrimps, clams and mussels. The rarely seen fish in
Central China include golden carps, breams, white eels and so on. The mandarin fish is among the best. Shaped like a crucian, but broader and fattier, its meat is extremely delicious and counts as one of the best fishes. The Boshan fish matches perfectly with Boshan water. Four dishes of stewed fish have won particular applauses from customers, namely stewed silver carp, stewed butterfish, stewed crucian and stewed tortoise.



According to historical records, Da Yu, the hero of flooding control, once found

Mountain was blocking the water flowing from the upper reaches and caused flood in summer. Emperor Yu and his soldiers were stationed on Liangzichong just across the Shetoushan to do the digging. To commemorate the Emperor Yu, a temple was built on Liangzichong. There are only remains of the temple, while the tablet was preserved by the local people.

Milong Stone Column

The column reaches out from the water bottom and points towards the sky. On the left stands the primeval forest belt. Tall pine trees have formed a large canopy blocking all the sunshine, among which squirrels and pheasants are occasionally seen. Animals include jackals, wolves and badgers, and wild boars. The fruits are mainly wild haws, grapes, Chinese gooseberries and so on. The Boshan Chestnuts, a specialty of southern

Henan, is among the most famous.




, with a height of
385m, is the place where Lu Wang Village and Jiuzigou lie. The mountain, surrounded by water on one side and cliffs the other three, has only one access to the village. Legend has it that during Shang Dynasty, Chi You, a valiant general of Emperor Zhou of Shang Dynasty, followed his emperor to fight battles. Afterwards Emperor Zhou imposed a cruel rule on the innocent people. Chi You gave up his service to the emperor and came down south towards the banks of Zhentou River of Huaihe River Reaches. He found the place abundant with natural resources and sceneries and stationed there. When Emperor Wu knew that Chi You rose against Emperor Zhou, he sent an envoy to discuss over joining forces and overthrowing Shang Dynasty.

Chi You agreed and submitted to the rule of Zhou Dynasty ever since. Emperor Zhou conferred Chi You the title of “Prince of Lu”. Knowing Chi You’s betrayal, Emperor Zhou was furious and led the army to attack Lu Wang Village. It was a fierce battle. Nine sons of Prince Lu died on the way to the village, that is why the place is named Jiuzigou (literally, a valley of nine sons). Now there are still ruins for people to recall the past, such as the ancient battle field, training yards, and valley where the army was stationed.

Address: south of

Henan Province.

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