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scenic info
Taihang Great Valley scenic area
Name:Taihang Great Valley scenic area
Tel:the Shibanyan Township, Linzhou City, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004


Valley lies on the south of the
Mountains to the west side of the
City in the north-west of

50km long,
1.25 km wide, 800-1793 meters above the sea level, Taihang Great Valley is a typical scenery of north China with steep cliffs, corresponding gorges, rising peaks, fancy rocks, roaring torrents, rushing waterfalls and singing springs. Lots of wonders one may find here, including the stone streets, stone courts, stone tables, stone chairs of an air of primitive taste; the natural amazement of blooming peach blossoms in winter and freezing ice in summer; the Wangxiang rock known as the soul of the Taihang Mountains; the unknown puzzle of Pig-voice Stone; the highest waterfall of Asia with a height of 346 meters and the world top class international gliding base that ranks No
.1 in Asia, to name just a few.

The beautiful

Valley is rich in resources of both natural views and humane sights. According to the layout, four scenic areas (Zituan Cave, Yungai Temple, Shuiyao Cave and Zhenze Palace) will be established around the three gorges (the Wuzhi Gorge, the Longquan Gorge, and the Wangmang Gorge), containing 44 places of interests involving gorges, waters, hills, stones, trees and more than 400 scenic spots. Green sea of forests, steep cliffs cut by the powerful axe of the nature, silver waterfalls, deep ponds of green waves, majestic temples, mysterious resolution caves and attractive folk stories will mingle into an amazing land of both natural beauty and humane culture.



Mountain lies
60 km to the south-east of the town area of the

County and gets its name Zituan which literally means purple clouds coiling into masses on the mountain top. It covers an area of scores of acres where numerous peaks rise sharply. For its unusual beauty, it has earned the fame competing with
Mountain in south

China. Hundreds of verses and poems eulogizing its beauty have been passed on till today to describe its eight major scenic spots: the Xianweng Cliff, the
Temple, the Zhaobi Hill, the
Peak, the
Garden, the Tangya Stele, the
Peak, the

Cave and the Bailong Pond. The
Temple standing on the mountain top is also named the

Temple which literally means the White Cloud Temple. It is a Buddhist temple facing south made of two courts, with dougong structures (a system of brackets in Chinese building made of wooden square blocks inserted between the top of a column and a crossbeam) in the hall, wooden carves and four famous groups of brick embossment on dramas which makes the temple even more distinguished. The
Cave, also called

Cave, is where Taoist Ziwei used to face the wall and meditate. The labyrinth-like cave is always unpredictable in size. Somewhere the ceiling could be as high as more than 50 meters and the width could be as large as more than 30 meters while the narrowest path allows only a single person to pass. 1500 square meters of the cave has been developed into tourist area covering 151 scenic spots including the Heaven Gods, the Arhats, the “Eight Immortals Touring on the Sea”, the “Jade Dragon of Longevity" etc.



scenic area

Palace scenic area is situated in the
Town of the

Mountain area. The

Palace is also called “Temple of Two Fairy Ladies” for the two Le-surnamed fairies worshiped in the palace. Looking majestic and solemn with its red walls and green tiles in the outside, the palace is delicately designed and artistically decorated at the interior. Covering altogether 7000 square meters, the palace is composed of five yards in a line stepping higher and higher along the mountain with tidily aligned complementary halls lining on both sides, creating an air of primitive beauty of Chinese classical buildings.

Wangxiangyan scenic area

Walking out of the
Town southward, you’ll find the

River moving her light steps towards you. The Flat-top pine exposed to weathers of 800 years is still standing upright with its curving strong branches thrusting into the sky and extends his warm welcome to you, right in front of the entry of the Wangxiangyan Scenic Area. With streams on the east, cliffs on the west, peaks around, the Wangxiangyan scenic area is a tight close valley, facing the

Peak ahead, coinciding with the ideal alignment in the ancient Chinese geomantic omen study, thus attracting lots of celebrities and hermits of all dynasties to live here. With thrilling deep valleys, upright peaks, Wangxiangyan has elegancy being latent in majesty, wonders in primitives. The harshly cut cliffs reminding people of the marvelous art of the nature have obvious geological layers exposed. The quiet narrow paths winding through green bushes around steep rising huge wall-like stones make walking at the bottom of the valley such a pleasant experience. Climbing the mountain is another enjoyment here. The odd peaks rising beside you, the waterfalls thundering around you, the dense leaves of sky-covering trees over you, and a primitive village court suddenly showing in front of you will set you in a world of illusions. Wangxiangyan is abundant in plants, especially those rare Chinese herbs such as weeping forsythia, Chinese thorowax, glossy ganoderma, tuber of multiflower knotweed, etc. The multiflower knotweed of the size of a fist living on the valley cliffs may be more than 200 years old, accreting very slowly with only a volume like a corn grain each year. It has even taken more than 1000 years for some of the glossy ganoderma living on the withered branches on the moist mountain

land of
Wangxiangyan to be what they are now.

Linlvshan International Gliding Base

The Linlvshan International Gliding Base is an ideal gliding sports ground with the departing point at 1190 meters above the sea level and the highest point 1240. The topographical features of Linlvshan formed billions of years ago are idea for departure of gliding. With rising air stream rushing towards the steep peaks of 700 meters along the slope of a gradient of 60 and a ground covering 16000 square meters, 10 to 30 sportsmen can take off at the same time. The Linlvshan International Gliding Base has one training ground and two departure grounds that have been commended as “the Top one in
Asia, the First Rank in the World” by a general secretary of IATA. Hang-gliding and wing-gliding games have been held here since 1992.

72 km away from the west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, the

Valley has all its scenic spots directly accessible by cemented roads. With standardized steps, star-rated hotel everywhere around the scenic area and excellent telephone, mobile phone communication service, it is very convenient to tour here, all of which have made it an ideal place for recreation, gliding, rock climbing, summer cooling, holiday relaxing, drawing, sketching, exploring and sight viewing.

Add: the

Linzhou City,
Henan Province.

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