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Yue Fei Temple
Name:Yue Fei Temple
Tel:Southwest corner of the town area of the Tangyin County, Anyang Ciy Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Situated in the southeast corner of the Tangyin County, and covering more than 6000 square meters, Yue Fei Temple was first built in 1450 ( Ming Dynasty). Composed of more than 100 halls and rooms, it also has more than 40 colorful statues and more than 300 steles and inscriptions of celebrities of many dynasties. Vigorous and majestic, it is an ancient construction cluster well-perserved.

Yue Fei, born in the
County, is a national hero much admired in the history of

China. Visitors can easily find the huge brass statue built on a granite base immediately after they reach the railway station in


As one of the many ruins related with Yue Fei in
County, the

Temple of
Yue Fei stands in the dowmtown area. It is still unknown about the exact time when it was first built. The temple we now see was rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty in 1450. Composed of nearly 100 halls and rooms, it covers more than 4000 square meters. Jingzhongfang (literally “the Tower of Devotion and Loyalty”), an elegant tower of wood sturcture, is the first establishment of the temple. On the two walls standing at the side are the huge Chinese characters of “Loyalty” and “Fealty”, each of which is 1.8 meters tall. Stepping over the threshold into the hall, five iron statues of the five murders who killed Yue Fei can be immediately found kneeling down with a huge brass statue with angry eyes and wading sword standing upright behind them, rich in crushing power.

Born in a farmer’s family, Yue Fei was a famous militarist, a great General in fightings against Jin invaders from the north of

China. He was intelligent since young and was fond of reading. He also practiced Chinese martial art when young and joined the army when he was 20 years old. On his back was a tatoo that read “Loyal and Devoted to the Nation” made by his mother. Yue Fei made great victories in all his six battles against the Jin invaders. However, what Emperor Gaozong of the South Song Dynasty and his Prime Minister Qinhui wanted was the shameful compromise. They gave him 12 orders in succession to stop him by asking him to retreat his army and depriving him of his position. He was only 39 years old when he was executed later for being given a possible accusal. People of his native land greatly admired him while hating those treacherous officials such as Qinhui.

Besides the two pavillions in the east court and the west court, there are more than 300 steles in honor of Yue Fei standing like evergreen trees within the temple, making a large archive of calligraphy and literature in central

China. Walking through the Yimen Gate and looking northward under the Yubei Pavillion, one will find the majestic Great Hall standing in front of you. It is a splendid building of 10 meters tall. The vivid colorful statue of Yue Fei sits in the center of the hall, with great dignity. The huge gold plaque hanging over the statue reads “Give Back the Land”.

Wing-rooms on the east and west side are for the exhibition of the daily life and experiences of Yue Fei. The backyard hall is the living room of Yue Fei where Chushibiao (The Letter to the Emperor before the March of the Army), a famous calligraphy artwork of Yue Fei is shown here. Behind the living hall are serval other palaces for his relatives, etc.


: Southwest corner of the town area of the


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